ArtOps, an LLC owned by Detroit Chamber Winds & Strings, provides a customized suite of managerial services. Our purpose is to foster organizational development and capacity so that arts organizations may reach their full potential. We provide value-driven management service options that free clients to focus on their artistic and creative missions.


The mission of ArtOps is to develop and deliver efficient collaborative management and administration solutions that free organizations to focus on their own creative missions, encourage their growth and support sustainability.

ArtOps provides value-driven, customized management services at exceptional rates.

Our History

Detroit Chamber Winds & Strings (DCWS) has become a champion of administrative collaboration in pursuit of artistic excellence. To that end, DCWS has been sharing this alternative business model with additional small to midsized non-profit organizations since 1992.

DCWS, founded in 1982, works in collaboration with the Great Lakes Chamber Music Festival (since 1992) and the Eisenhower Dance Company (since 1996). The three organizations maintain separate missions, boards of directors, financial reporting, and 501(c)(3) status. Yet they share staff, equipment, and office space.

In 2003, DCWS extended its leadership, education, finance, public relations and marketing management services to additional institutions that desired to benefit from shared resources.

The collaboration among many arts organizations enables DCWS to attract and retain professional staff with specialized skills.

To clarify the relationship between its performing ensemble and its collaborative business model, a separate LLC was formed to oversee the management services piece of the DCWS business. This LLC, which is wholly owned by DCWS, has become the ArtOps we know today.